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Why MBA in Lingayas



The way our livelihood goes is nothing but management. You get up in the morning and plan what to do for the day, organize the things needed and control the situations if they do not go according to the plan. That is what management is in simple terms. This process is not for a single day, we carry this throughout our life in different phases. Management is a process of planning, decision making, organizing, leading, motivation and controlling the human resources, financial, physical, and information resources of an organization to reach its goals efficiently and effectively.

In MBA you will come across specializations, out of them the most common ones are Human Resources, Finance, Marketing, Productions and Operations. Each specialization has its importance and they cover tip to toe of the organization. After all the inventions and discoveries there must be people to manage them and that is where management people come into action.


By choosing MBA you are going to enter into a different world where networking plays the most important role. You have to network with lots of people and maintain touch with them so that one will gain knowledge in all respective fields and if one has any doubt in any particular field, you can contact them immediately and get the exposure that is how you remember things for a long time. Besides networking practical exposures, seminars, presentations matter a lot. MBA gives you light as to how an organization works, right from planning to coordinating and controlling i.e., from top-level to low level. You will get to know how the top-level management works and how will it pass orders or take care of employees by their policies and procedures. The lower-level employees, on what basis they are recruited to what roles they carry out. Every aspect of how an organization is the core of this course.


This is small and just an add on course until it is introduced, In MBA you will be enlightened with this subject. You will have a push in yourselves to do something new, present this world with something new and start something on your own to become the world’s next wanted thing! This is one vast subject where sometimes some people find themselves while digging into this. As of example, we can see how start-ups have gained recognition in these few years and in upcoming years they are going to create a revolution, taking India to a whole new level. Entrepreneurship prepares you to be a leader who inspires everyone rather than being a follower.

At Lingayas Institute Of Management & Technology, we arrange seminars with different field experts and CEOs of different start-ups who will inspire students with their journey and also provide various internships to equip them with practical exposure. We will also prepare students to be stage ready and make them present various presentations so that they will know the ethics of presentation.

Besides all this, one important thing is everyone who is lost or not able to find one’s interest will discover their interest in this phase. MBA is pure magic where one will evolve as a complete individual. You can see the success of this course only when you can compare yourself Before MBA and after MBA. You are going to witness a huge change unknowingly. Get ready for that! Brace yourselves; you are going to be the change.

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