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The world is running only on data. Be it any industry, any field, any sector, data is the lifeline they are growing and expanding. Making use of that data to leverage some information is what data science is in simple words. Data science helps business leaders to make crucial decisions for their business. Day by Day we can only say that the importance of data is reaching new heights but not lows. With the advent of a computing process, cloud storage, and analytical tools, the field of computer science merged with statistics. This gave birth to Data Science.

About Data Scientists-

Data scientists are in huge demand as this is what the future is! From struggling with large datasets to make something useful out of them, data scientists are born. Data scientists’

skills lie behind anybody’s imagination they use their knowledge in every field mostly rely on statistics. Before data scientists, it was statisticians who analyzed the data. Data scientists not only analyze the data but derive something useful out of it to fill the gap in the organization and seeing where the scope is to build out something new out of it. With the use of analytical aptitude, data scientists take decisions that are useful for a company where it can expand or stop its operations and solve the problems in an organization.

Why Data Science?

It is one of the best choices for students of today because it is lucrative. With days passing the importance given to data science is increasing and students trained in this course are very few as of now. It would be great for students to choose this course and grab the opportunity. To stand out in this data-driven world you need to be a data scientist to analyze and bring out something useful. Sometimes, the information taken out of analysis may be the next big thing!

How is Data Science useful?

Analyzing market standards: In general, Company spends a fortune on marketing campaigns and advertisements for their product. Data science analyses the data available of customers their taste and preferences, previous purchasing behaviour etc., and bring out a piece of useful information that is helpful to company to spend on exact spots of marketing and reduce unnecessary expenses. It also helps to understand consumer trends.

Making livelihood better: Every industry has its own sets of data and requirements. Data scientists use data to find the problems in a particular field with the help of which new ways to tackle those problems can be identified and make customers livelihood better. Data

scientists purpose differs from the company’s requirements.

Analyzing Customer needs: Every company possess the data of their customers, by using that data, data scientists analyze the needs of customers and help them provide those as an edge over others. Data always is a treasure which when put into right use acquires new customers and retains potential customers.

Innovation: There is scope for feedback these days with the help of which new ideas can be formed up to some extent. Data Scientists analyze the data available previously, their standards and also feedback given by customers which extend to the development of a new product. A gap will be filled and the organization can extend the line of products.

With tons of data, available data scientists must be able to analyze the data using different tools that are used and they should share the reports or conclusions in a simple manner with the team. Because the tool language might not be understood by many, so he should explain it like a story simply and concisely which leads to productive results for everyone.

As Data is the new fuel in the growing world, one must be prepared forefront to foresee the situations and tackle them. Lingayas is one of them which helps students to foresee the future and helps them to live in it without any difficulty. Data science is introduced as a new course this year for the betterment of students which is going to be handled by field experts and senior lecturers. Data science is going to be an era with many new revolutions.

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